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Please cut and paste the questionnaire in a e-mail and send to WaidmanIRWS@aol.com

If you are considering a Waidman puppy, we are flattered. We know that you have done your research, and have learned that we work very hard to breed and raise pups that are sound, athletic, intelligent, and great family companions.

Waidman IRWS pups are always a member of our family. By filling out this questionnaire, you are accepting the responsibility of lifelong care for your dog. We feel our puppies are special, and want their new homes to be special. Our pups will need love and attention and training. Pups do not "settle down" as they get older, they must be taught correct behaviors and learn to be good citizens and members of the family. You must be willing to devote a substantial number of hours to caring for and training your new pup, or arrange to have the dog trained.

The following questionnaire will give you an idea of some things we consider important. There are no right or wrong answers. Many of the questions are intended to provoke you into thinking about how you will handle certain issues related to your pup. Once we have received and reviewed your questionnaire, we will be in touch with you to discuss a puppy.



City :                                                                       State:                                     Zip:

E-mail:                                                                                     Phones:

Number of family members?

Ages of children

How many family members are home during the day?

If no one, who wiII care for the young pup?

Where will the dog sleep?

Do you own or rent?

How long at current address?

Is your yard fenced?                                                         What kind of fence?

If you are planning an invisible fence, how will you contain the pup until it is old enough to use the invisible fence?

Who will be responsible for training the dog?

Do you plan to have the dog trained professionally?

Do you plan to have your dog spayed or neutered?  

How many other pets do you have now?                                _What kind are they, and how old?

How many hours a week do you plan to spend with your dog?

What will you do with your dog when you go on vacation?

Are you prepared to make this commitment for the next 14plus plus years?

Do you plan to use the dog for hunting?                                       What kind of hunting do you do?

How often did you hunt this past season?

Will you run your dog in any Field Trials, Hunt of Field Tests?

Who will train your dog for these events?

Will you want your pup shipped to you?

What is the nearest LARGE airport to you?

Are you interested in a male or female pup?

Are you planning on breeding your Irish Red and White Setter?

Do you presently breed Irish Red and White Setter ?