Health screening on all dogs and pups guide us on which dogs to breed from so health issues are not passed on to the next generation.
Risk can never be 100% eliminated but the risk can be minimized by careful planning each breeding and not use afflicted dogs.
We use available Breed specific DNA test as needed or provide documentation that pups/dogs are clear by pedigree, all other  tests are run prior to breeding .

We take great care to ensure we are producing healthy pups, but without DNA testing available for every known specific Health problem it is impossible to guaranty pups totally clear  of any known genetic defect.
Our breeding stock carries breed recommended / required Health clearances.

We are able to ship pups out of San Francisco or Sacramento if needed, we supply a crate and all required travel documents. 

  Silverline BJs One
     For The Money
OFA  Excl.              CHIC pend
Caniscaeli's Encore [CAN imp]
OFA  Excl.               CHIC 146091
                                   Fall 2021 and Spring 2022..
               Top quality, excellent pedigree, contact for more info !   
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